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Aircraft Manufacturing Cluster

Orlando Melbourne International Airport is one of the nation's fastest-growing aircraft and aerospace manufacturing and maintenance hubs. Since 2008, major aircraft manufacturing and maintenance operations have added nearly 1,000 jobs to the region. Aviation-related giants, including Embraer and Northrop Grumman, recognize the synergy and potential for growth that Orlando Melbourne International Airport offers.

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For information regarding growth opportunities at Melbourne International Airport, please contact:

Melissa L. Naughton, C.M.
Assistant Director of Business Development

Office: 321-723-6227, Ext. 133


Existing and Proposed Aircraft Manufacturing at MLB

Embraer - Phenom 100 and 300 executive jets, assembly, sales and design center
(Future Embraer - 70 acres + corporate use and suppliers)
Liberty Aerospace - XL-2, fully IFR-certified training/touring aircraft
Comp Air Aviation - Comp Air 12 turboprop executive aircraft (in certification process)
Evektor Aircraft Inc. - SportStar light sport aircraft, Czech Republic
The following is a partial list of companies at the airport and throughout the region that provide ancillary and related services to aircraft manufacturing and the avionics, aerospace and space-flight industries.

Maintenance Repair and Overhaul (MRO)

Baer Air - Fleet maintenance
FIT Aviation - Small aircraft MRO
  Heck Air - Small aircraft MRO
  Aeroserve Corp. - Electric equipment repair and overhaul, Merritt Island
  Royal Atlantic Aviation - Jet and turboprop MRO


Rockwell Collins - Manufacturing at MLB
Avidyne Corp. - Manufacturing 2 miles north, flight testing at MLB
Southeast Aerospace - Avionics sales, service and installation, MLB
LiveTV - Commercial airline flight entertainment and communications (Jet Blue), MLB
  Symetrics - Defense aircraft data modems, adjacent to MLB

Other Aircraft Manufacturing

  Piper Aircraft - New PiperJet and Piper aircraft, Vero Beach, 30 miles south
  LoPresti Aircraft - Fury aircraft, Vero Beach and Sebastian airports, 30 miles south
  Aero Adventure Inc. - Aventura ultra-light seaplane, Rockledge, 20 miles north
  SEC - Pegasus SXE 3000 turboprop jet engine military trainer (UD), Rockledge, 20 miles north
  Southeast Sport Aircraft - Allegro light sport aircraft, Sebastian, 15 miles south
  Comp Air LLC - Composite utility and private aircraft kits, Merritt Island, 20 miles
  Advanced Aero Inc. - Vortex light sport aircraft, associated with TRDA incubator, NASA Blvd.
  Velocity Aircraft - Canard wing kit aircraft, Sebastian airport, 20 miles south

Other Local Aerospace

Harris Corp. Government Aerospace Systems - Develops and manufactures aircraft, spacecraft and missile communications systems, Melbourne
  SatCom Direct - Air-to-ground satellite communications, Satellite Beach
  Freedom Aerospace - Replacement aircraft parts, ground support equipment, Palm Bay
  Aero Decals - Aircraft graphics, decals, placards, paint schemes, stencils, Palm Bay
  Patrick Air Force Base 45th Space Wing - 8 miles north

Space (Partial List)

L-3 Communications - Integrated communications, KSC
AstroTech Space Operations - Satellite preparation, Titusville
  John F. Kennedy Space Center - NASA, 32 miles north
  Cape Canaveral Air Force Station - USAF, 27 miles north
  United Space Alliance LLC - Space shuttle support, Cape Canaveral
  Boeing - Kennedy Space Center
  Lockheed Martin - Space Systems Col Corp, Cocoa Beach and Titusville
  Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne Inc. - KSC
  SAIC - Space program systems, Cocoa Beach
  Raytheon - Launch support, Cape Canaveral
  Computer Science Raytheon CSR - Eastern Range instrumentation, Patrick AFB
  Jet Propulsion Laboratory - California Institute of Technology Center for Robotic Exploration, Cape Canaveral
  SpaceHab - Processes space modules
  ASRC Aerospace Corp. - Equipment, KSC
  URS Corp. and EG&G - Aerospace technical services, Cape Canaveral
  Volt - Software design, KSC
  E-Prime Aerospace Corp. - Satellite rockets, Titusville
  Aero Industries - Metal distributor for aerospace industry, Titusville
  Aerojet - Missile and space propulsion, Cape Canaveral
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