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Welcome to Melbourne International Airport!

We are proud of our airport for its family friendly atmosphere and its wealth of amenities designed to make business and leisure travel quick and convenient. We also are proud of its role as a crucial economic engine and jobs provider for Melbourne and the Space Coast.

Our current priority is to expand the airport’s domestic and international travel options. The return of US Airways and the expansion of flights and aircraft size by Delta Air Lines are examples of recent successes. But we’re not stopping there. We are currently in discussions with airlines worldwide to bring in even more travel options.

Whether it’s coach or first-class, domestic or international, our aim is to provide as many direct flights to as many destinations as possible and make Melbourne International the first choice for Space Coast travelers.

We also see the airport continuing to play a crucial role in the region’s economic transition after the retirement of the Space Shuttle program, and we are working to make sure we are prepared for the challenge.

Please take time to explore our website and learn more about our airport, its history and its very bright future.


Our Offices

Airport Business Office
One Air Terminal Pkwy.
Suite 220
Melbourne, FL 32901-1888
Phone: (321) 723-6227
Fax: (321) 723-1194

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