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Rural Incentives

Florida encourages growth throughout the state by offering increased incentive awards and lower wage-qualification thresholds in its rural counties. Additionally, a Rural Community Development Revolving Loan Fund and Rural Infrastructure Fund exist to meet the special needs that businesses encounter in rural counties.

Urban Incentives

Florida offers increased incentive awards and lower wage-qualification thresholds for businesses locating in many urban core/inner city areas that are experiencing conditions affecting the economic viability of the community and hampering the self-sufficiency of residents.

Enterprise Zone Incentives

Florida offers an assortment of tax incentives to businesses that choose to create employment within an Enterprise Zone, which is a specific geographic area targeted for economic revitalization. These include a sales- and use-tax credit, tax refund for business machinery and equipment used in an Enterprise Zone, sales-tax refund for building materials used in an Enterprise Zone, and a sales-tax exemption for electrical energy used in an Enterprise Zone.

Brownfield Incentives

Florida offers incentives to businesses that locate in Brownfield sites, which are underutilized industrial or commercial sites attributable to actual or perceived environmental contamination. The Brownfield Redevelopment Bonus Refund is available to encourage Brownfield redevelopment and job creation. Approved applicants receive tax refunds of up to $2,500 for each job created. All property at Melbourne International Airport is eligible for Brownfield grants.

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For information regarding growth opportunities at Melbourne International Airport, please contact:

Melissa L. Naughton, C.M.
Assistant Director of Business Development

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