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From MLB Airport’s Executive Director: Team MLB Working Hard to Continue Operations and Protect Traveling Public

3/16/2020  |  Melbourne, FL

As we find ourselves in a very unusual time, we believe it is our responsibility to provide our passengers, tenants, customers and friends with an update from Orlando Melbourne International Airport (MLB). The airport team has been working hard to anticipate and respond to the Coronavirus and its effects on the travel industry and our community. The following outlines just a few of MLB’s major priorities:

  • We continue to provide a safe environment for those traveling through MLB. Our team of custodians have led the charge in protecting MLB’s calm, clean and uncongested travel environment. Enhanced cleaning procedures, increased staffing, and installation of additional hand sanitizing stations are examples of just a few initiatives at MLB. We continue to work with our staff and tenants to provide even more ways to protect our passengers and customers.

  • Airfield operations are normal and will remain open. In extraordinary circumstances like today, airports are a vital community asset. We recognize the airport’s important role and remain dedicated to keeping our airport operational for both anticipated and unanticipated needs. Whatever the needs in the future may be, MLB stands ready to support our community and emergency response partners. In the event commercial air service is suspended, the airport will continue its vital role for the community in supporting general aviation, cargo and emergency relief activity.

  • We are committed to protecting our employees. Airport staff will shift towards digital communication wherever able and split into tactical working groups to provide a safe working environment and allow operations to proceed as normal.

  • We continue to work with our airline partners. As MLB’s continues to facilitate operations from American Airlines and Delta Air Lines, it is important that travelers stay up to date with travel advisories from the airlines they have booked with. Links to specific webpages dedicated to “Coronavirus Travel Updates” can be found at the top of and

  • We remain a dedicated partner in all of this. MLB’s COVID-19 Task Force, led by Director of Public Safety and Police Chief Reneè Purden, is in constant communication with local, state and federal partners including the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Department of Health, Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) and Brevard County Emergency Management (Brevard EOC).

In hope for a global solution to come soon, we remain dedicated to our role and responsibilities as a vital community resource and transportation gateway.  

Thank you,

Greg Donovan, A.A.E., Executive Director

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