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The “Tweet” Smell of Success

6/21/2010  |  Melbourne, FL

MELBOURNE, Fla. (June 21, 2010) — Orlando-Melbourne International Airport’s use of Twitter to reach out to customers is getting high marks. A recent ranking of airports using the popular social-networking site named Melbourne International the world’s best.

As published in’s “Wheels Up” column, Orlando-Melbourne International was at the top of the list created by Ontario-based AirGate Solutions, an airport marketing and consulting company. AirGate Solutions’ “Top 10 Social Media Airports” initially ranked airports by the total number of followers on Twitter.

But AirGate’s Co-Founder and Managing Director Robert Cook said the company determined a better gauge of true customer engagement would be to look at the ratio of followers to total passengers using the airport. That’s where Melbourne shined.

“It’s critical these days to reach out and engage passengers – and prospective passengers – exactly where they are seeking information, and Twitter is one of the fastest-growing social-media networks out there,” said airport Executive Director Richard A. Ennis, CPFO. “The whole idea is to engage passengers. We’ve almost reached 1,000 followers with our new Twitter account alone, and our aim is to double that in the next six months.”

Businesses and governments are turning to social media such as Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare and others to reach out to patrons. Twitter, which allows users to post 140-character messages that followers can view online, has quickly become a cultural phenomenon. Its 75 million users post messages on everything from where they’re having dinner to a new favorite iPhone app.

Orlando-Melbourne International’s Twitter account routinely informs followers about airfare bargains, new airport tenants or events in and around the airport. Just as important, it allows the airport to reach out to Twitter users who mention the airport.

“This tool helps us reach out directly to the people who use our airport,” Ennis said. “The whole idea is to engage customers at every level, so expect to see more social networking from the airport.”

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Melbourne International Airport serves east Central Florida, including Brevard and Indian River counties, and is responsible for generating more than $1 billion per year in economic activity. The airport, which has three runways and a 200,000-square-foot terminal, currently serves Delta Air Lines, Delta Connection, Direct Air, US Airways and Baer Air. For more information, visit

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